Art exhibition in Station FOE 156, curated by Pavel Zelechovsky
16 Oct – 31 Oct 2010
“Critical Landscapes” is the title of an exhibition project by Toni Crabb (born in 1970 in Harare, Zimbabwe) and Andreas Wutz (born in 1962 in Munich). In 2009 both artists travelled to Zimbabwe exploring how natural landscapes can provide not only images of natural processes, but also of social and political ones. In Munich two of their works, which resulted from their artistic investigation in Zimbabwe, will be presented.

Matobo National Park
by Toni Crabb

B&W-photos, 45 x 30 cm, 2010
"Matobo National Park" is a series of photographs showing the surface of picnic-tables made of concrete. The series responds to an idea of landscape as a multifaceted, layered space, which contains and also generates both natural and social processes. Landscape is the processes that are enacted in it. This particular landscape visibly embodies different forms of time and processes: the geological granite formations of the rocks sheltering the table, the biological forms of plants growing in the recesses of rocks and the table itself, and social processes of ruin and the struggle against ruin in the cracked surface of the object and the swept floor around it.

Hortus Harare
by Andreas Wutz

16 mm film, b&w and color, optical sound (screened by DVD), 2010
“Hortus Harare” is a short film study about the National Botanic Garden in Harare. The garden was founded 1962 and is situated in the northern area of the capital of Zimbabwe. The idea of the botanic garden is to represent a specific geographic space by a downscaled model of this space, which tries to contain the complete diversity of all its vegetation. The idea of the film “Hortus Harare” is to investigate specific details and sounds of this garden exploring what kind of image they can give also from their urban surrounding and historical background. Three years after the foundation of the garden a liberation war started in Zimbabwe and ended in 1979. This long war with all its hidden atrocities took place in the same kind of landscape as the botanic garden is refering to. The film explores how this traumatic past possibly is still visible as an after image in the middle of a garden idyl.


Toni Crabb
Born in 1970 in Harare, Zimbabwe. Lives in Barcelona. Studied art at the Universidad Complutense, Madrid. Solo and group exhibitions in New International Cultural Centre, Antwerpen, Centro de Recursos Culturales, Madrid; Galería T4 und Proyecte SD, Barcelona; Gallery Delta, Harare. Film presentations in Xcéntric, CCCB, Barcelona; Images Contre Nature. Marseille; Zimbabwe International Film Festival, Harare.
Andreas Wutz
Artist, writer and director of artistic documentary films. Born in 1962, lives in Munich and Barcelona. Studied art at the art academies of Munich and of Duesseldorf. Since 1998 he is producing his own films and videos, which have been presented at international film festivals like Rotterdam, Chicago, Utrecht, Jihlava, Hongkong, Karachi and in 2007 in Harare. Founded the film program "Kino der Piloten" (Cinema of pilots) with presentations in San Sebastian, Prague, Berlin and Munich. Collaboration with the National Film Archive in Prague, the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona CCCB, the Fundación Cristina Enea in San Sebastian, Les Documents Cinématographiques in Paris and others.


Pavel Zelechovsky
Born in 1947 in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic. Lives in Munich. Artist and art consultant.

Station FOE 156

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Exhibition period: until 31 Oct. 2010
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